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For those of you who have looked through our website and remain in disbelief at the concept of cash refunds for commercial property owners, we can help. For those who simply need assurance that this is not a tax loophole or avoidance scheme, then we can help you too. Once the concept is understood, Capital Allowances is an easy and stress free solution to claiming back tax that has been overpaid by the property owner.

Since we are Capital Allowance specialists, we can explain any question that comes our way in regards to Capital Allowance claims. One common question being, ‘how do Capital Allowances actually work?’ The answer to that would be, quite easily. As long as you fit the criteria of being a UK tax paying commercial property owner, then you could claim thousands of pounds in tax relief.

Claiming Capital Allowances is a simple process that requires minimum input from the commercial property owner, as our highly trained and experienced professionals will take care of all the hard work, identifying which items within the property qualify for a claim. Owners can claim allowances on items that are considered costly to run that are eligible for tax refunds, such as air conditioning, kitchen and toilet fittings, security systems, specialist electrical equipment, heating systems and more. If the property owner has been overpaying a great deal of tax on these items, they will be due Capital Allowances in the form of tax relief.

We have a team of chartered surveyors, chartered tax advisors and quantity surveyors to survey the property, quantify the level of allowances that can be claimed, and submit the report to HMRC in order for the tax refunds to be received. The kind of information gathered includes legal ownership of documentation, details of works and refurbishments, company accounts and details of how the asset is treated, prior owners of the property and more.

Not only is this a simple process, it is also a risk free one since there are no hidden upfront costs, as we only charge a fee once allowances have been identified. What’s more, we have a 100% approval rating with having claims accepted by HMRC.

If you have any questions, get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will guide you through the process of claiming Embedded Capital Allowances.