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The UK’s Leading Capital Allowance Specialists

Meet The Team

Our award-winning team are experts in identifying, valuing and claiming Capital Allowances, with a combined total of over £500m of Capital Allowances.


Tom Meredith ACA

Tom is a Director at HMA Tax and specialises in advising companies claiming embedded capital allowances and tax depreciation schedules across the UK, Singapore and wider markets.

Tom possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Accounting and IT from a career spanning over 10 years, with proven track records working with multinationals and SMEs in all sectors.

Tom has established several businesses specialising in both accounting and commercial use software and has built the systems in which HMA Tax operates.

He is recognised as one of the leading specialists in Embedded Capital Allowances in the UK. Tom is an ICAEW Chartered Accountant.


Duncan Chittick

As Director, Duncan is responsible for driving global partnerships for HMA Tax, with a focus on growing the company’s enterprise, channel, and client bases.

He brings with him a successful track record spanning more than 10 years, including high-profile leadership positions and recognised sales achievements in accounting, campaign management and software development.

Duncan manages the UK Office of HMA Tax and advises companies claiming Embedded Capital Allowances and tax depreciation schedules across the UK, Singapore and Australasian Markets.

Duncan directly manages our team of Claims Specialists and is dedicated to forming strategic partnerships that add value to all customer relationships.

Associate Director

Andy Milnes

Andy has been at the forefront of financial services for over 30 years. Starting in Management at Lloyds Bank, later being chosen as one of a handful of Regional Trainers involved in the design of their nationwide in-branch training programme.

Andy worked with mutual assurance society, Wesleyan, based in Birmingham, before becoming an Independent Financial Adviser some years later, advising on inheritance tax planning, pension transfers, mortgages and investments. Developing specialist knowledge of the global investment market, Andy relocated to Dubai where he worked with multi-national corporations, such as Qatar Oil, Emirates Airlines and Qatar Rail, partnering successfully with Friends Provident International, Generali International and Zurich to assist high net worth individuals.

Since joining HMA Tax, Andy has been able to assist property owners to identify over £160m in previously unclaimed Capital Allowances, partnering with Accountancy, Law and Real Estate firms around the UK to assist their clients. Andy is passionate about assisting commercial property owners to maximise their tax position utilising underused, specialist tax legislation.

Miguel Ramskill
Associate Director

Miguel Ramskill

Prior to joining HMA Tax, Miguel spent 25 years as Sales Director for a successful Training and Development company, which was acquired by a PLC in 2013.

Here he worked across the public and private sector, providing a range of financial development and management training courses. His clients included Local and Central Government, Fire and Police Services, and Education Authorities, as well as some of the UK’s leading companies such as JCB, Michelin Tyres, and Marks & Spencer.

Miguel joined HMA Tax in 2016 as a Senior Claims Specialist, providing professional guidance and advice for commercial property owners on claiming their Embedded Capital Allowances. he has provided unparalleled guidance to commercial property owners, helping them navigate the intricate process of claiming their Embedded Capital Allowances.

Under his guidance, hundreds of companies and individuals have successfully claimed substantial tax relief, reinforcing HMA Tax’s reputation as a leader in the industry. Every month, Miguel’s deep expertise and commitment ensure that his clients collectively identify millions of pounds in Capital Allowances, a testament to his dedication and the profound impact he has had during his time at HMA Tax.

Head of Tax

Jasmine Hill ACA

As the Head of Tax at HMA Tax, Jasmine Hill embodies both precision and passion. A Chartered Accountant by training, Jasmine’s specialisation in Capital Allowances has spanned many years, solidifying her as one of the industry’s leading experts.

Her meticulous approach and profound knowledge have greatly contributed to HMA Tax’s successes, providing clients with unparalleled guidance and advice.

Outside of her professional commitments, Jasmine showcases her aptitude on the polo field. She is a proud member of the starting lineup for the HMA Tax Polo team, hosted at the prestigious Beaufort Polo Club.

Jasmine’s involvement on and off the field is underscored by the blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and team spirit she brings to every endeavour.

Head of Surveying

Adam Louth

With over a decade under his belt, Adam serves as the Head of Surveying at HMA Tax. His journey spanning 12 rich years as a Capital Allowances Surveyor has been nothing short of impressive. From collaborating with some of the globe’s premier multinational accounting firms to forging productive ties with boutique property developers, Adam’s professional experience is diverse, expansive and well respected.

His hands-on experience and in-depth industry insights position him not just as a seasoned surveyor, but as a sector leader in the intersection of construction, commercial property development, and Capital Allowances.

Within our team or on site with our clients , Adam consistently stands out as a true expert in his field. In his previous engagements with multinational accounting giants, Adam showcased a knack for pinpointing claim-worthy items – a skill that few possess with such precision, combined with our extensive database and industry leading software, our claims are always maximised to their fullest extent and compliant.

Senior Claims Specialist

Karmen Freimuth

With an accomplished career across the UK and Europe, Karmen has been with HMA Tax since 2019 and is our Head of Partnerships. With a profound understanding of the Capital Allowance landscape, she offers invaluable advice to Commercial Property owners and finance and legal professionals across the UK.

Claims Specialist

Amy Lombardi

Amy comes from a decorated career spanning 16 years in the financial services sector.

Having worked across banking, financing and lending, Amy has worked commercial and residential property owners with established London brokerages and banks.

Amy has joined HMA Tax bringing her professional insight of property and finance, specifically working with commercial brokers to find significant tax relief for their clients at a portfolio level.

Head of Digital

Alex Livermore

As the Head of Digital at HMA Tax, Alex is the driving force behind our global digital footprint. Overseeing every facet of our digital initiatives across the board, his strategic vision is informed by an extensive background spanning project management, digital design, statutory policy, fintech, and digital marketing.

This unique combination of expertise allows Alex to navigate the multifaceted challenges of the digital realm with precision, ensuring HMA Tax remains at the forefront of digital innovation.

His diverse professional experience across multinationals, government, non-for-profit, start ups and SMEs, allows him to provide nuanced insights to our business. Wether its digital ventures or shaping the way we engage, innovate, and grow in the online space, Alex is an indispensable asset to our team.

Claim Researcher

Victoria Ellis

Victoria plays a pivotal role in maximising tax relief opportunities for clients who own commercial properties across the UK. Her responsibilities include conducting in-depth research on potential claims and providing crucial support to claim specialists. Victoria's expertise is essential in identifying eligible commercial properties, ensuring clients have the opportunity receive substantial and ongoing tax relief, which is often overlooked. With a sharp eye for detail and a deep understanding of capital allowances, she is instrumental in the strategic planning and execution of successful claims.

Alex Holyoake

Alex Holyake, as a Surveyor at HMA Tax, holds the vital responsibility of conducting property surveys on commercial properties spread across the UK. His keen observational skills and detailed approach ensure that all aspects of a property are meticulously inspected, helping the company uncover maximum Embedded Capital Allowances.

Account Manager

Philly Massingham

Philly is a cornerstone of HMA Tax’s client relations, excelling in her role as the Customer Success Manager. Her day to day tasks involve not only being a point of contact for all our clients and partners but also ensuring the seamless operations of our head office.

Backed by her dedication and a knack for organisation, she provides invaluable support to our surveyors and claims specialists, facilitating open communication and fostering lasting relationships. Philly’s relentless drive to elevate the client journey ensures that every engagement with HMA Tax leaves a positive, lasting impression.

Account Manager

Anita Flynn

Anita stands at the forefront of client relations as the Customer Success Manager at HMA Tax. Her primary responsibility lies in supporting the surveyors and claims specialists in fostering effective communication and establishing a robust rapport with the clients.

Anita is passionately committed to enhancing the client experience, ensuring that every interaction with HMA Tax is smooth and rewarding.

Lead Developer

Kathina Putri

As the Lead Back End Developer at HMA Tax, Kathina is key part of our back of house operations. With a sharp acumen for crafting seamless and robust digital architectures, Kathina ensures that our internal systems perform at their optimum.

Having been deeply involved in the tech world for numerous years, Kathina brings a rich blend of experience and innovation to the table. Whether it’s optimising databases, enhancing server responses, or ensuring data security, Kathina’s expertise plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of our digital systems.

Through hers unwavering commitment and technical prowess, she continually pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, ensuring HMA Tax stays ahead in the digital curve.

ICAEW Accreditation

The ICAEW Chartered Accountant qualification, the ACA, is one of the most advanced learning and professional development programmes available. It is valued around the world in business, practice and the public sector.


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