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Even those who don’t follow football cannot have failed to be aware of the incredible story of Leicester City’s triumph in becoming the Premier League Champions against odds of 5000 – 1. How on earth can a football team go from just about keeping their place in the top flight last season to running away with the title this year? Many people have put forward theories of how a club with a tiny budget can succeed against clubs who spend more on one player than Leicester did on their whole team. The word that keeps coming back into those discussions is the word team. By putting together not just good players but a group of people who work well together, whose strengths complement each other and whose combination as a group working with a common aim is so much stronger than any single individual can be.

Similarly, in Headley Meredith Associates we have a team of people who all have great individual skills but who rely on the combined strengths of them all. It starts with a business development team who are tasked with identifying potential clients and then gaining an understanding of the specific situation that client is in regarding their commercial property and identifying if that suggests they could benefit from a review of their potential for Embedded Capital Allowances. Explaining this complex subject in a clear and concise way requires a deep understanding of the subject matter and an affinity with the client specific situation.

Once the client has agreed to proceed it is imperative that our surveying team can identify accurately and comprehensively all items that qualify for relief and that the combined knowledge of our chartered surveyors and quantity surveyors put together an accurate report highlighting all items that qualify. Writing a detailed report of these they can then liaise with the technical tax team headed by our chartered tax advisor so they can interpret the results of the survey using all current and correct HMRC rules and guidelines.

The final part of the equation is the writing of the report itself by our chartered tax advisor. Where necessary our specialist will communicate with the client’s accountant and other professional advisors and in conjunction with his colleagues on the surveying side of our operation he will accurately and professionally produce a final report that we know HMRC will be happy with – we have a 100% acceptance record of reports submitted.

Our team works as a unit, focused on producing the correct outcome for the client that we know delivers them significant allowances that had gone unclaimed and that will benefit them both in the short term and the longer term from a reduced tax liability perspective. We don’t get an open topped bus ride around the town in the same way that Leicester City players will but we do get great satisfaction of a job well done and delivering on our promises.