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We recently completed a claim for a client who owned a showroom/warehouse. This client wasn’t really expecting to find many allowances on their property, but decided to give it a go anyway. Since our initial consultations are free and we don’t charge anything unless allowances are identified, this client had nothing to lose by ‘giving this a go’.

To the surprise of the property owner, we were able to identify allowances on items such as air conditioning, heating systems, lighting systems, door closers, cold water systems and more. These items were holding a wealth of tax relief.

Once we had surveyed the property, we knew this was a worthwhile task for the client, and they soon realised the importance of claiming these allowances, since were able to identify £127,770 of allowances on their property worth £470,050, resulting in a cash refund of £23,500 direct to the property owner!

This case shows the importance of arranging a meeting with us, no matter whether you think a claim might be small or even non-existent, it still has the potential to be a very worthwhile task, with no risk to the property owner. We only charge a fee once we identify allowances, so investigating a potential claim will cost the client nothing, and will confirm what they are entitled to.

The tax refunds provide a wealth of benefits, because as well as the cash itself, the value of the property could increase as a result of making a claim, which adds future benefits on top of the present benefits to making a claim. If you own this type of property, then why not get in touch with a member of our team to see if you could benefit from our specialist capital allowance services? You have nothing to lose!