Nursery in Manchester

A nursery was purchased in Manchester for Β£2.4M in 2021. Our team at HMA Tax reviewed the property comprehensively and found Β£840,000 in unclaimed Capital Allowances.

Capital Allowance claim for a spacious nursery in Manchester

The Property

In 2021, the owner of a well-known childcare chain approached HMA Tax with a nursery in Manchester. The property had been acquired for Β£2.4M and was specially designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for children.

The owner had spent significant sums on enhancing the facilities but was unsure if all the Capital Allowances available had been fully claimed.

Our Approach

HMA Tax’s team accepted the responsibility of determining any unclaimed Capital Allowances available to the nursery owner. Through a detailed investigation of the costs incurred during the improvements, our team identified that a substantial amount of the capital allowances available had not been claimed.

Our team’s profound understanding of Capital Allowances enabled them to uncover Β£840,000 of unclaimed capital allowances that were accessible to the owner. A detailed report was delivered, highlighting our findings, with an inventory of assets that qualified for capital allowances, and the values that could be claimed.

Once we pinpointed the unclaimed capital allowances, we worked closely with the owner’s accountants to ensure that the tax savings were fully realised. Support was provided throughout the process, from the preparation of necessary documentation to liaising with HMRC to secure the tax savings.

Thanks to HMA Tax’s expertise, the nursery owner was able to claim Β£840,000 in unclaimed capital allowances, leading to a tax saving of over Β£160,000.

By applying our specialised knowledge and tailored approach, HMA Tax continues to assist commercial property owners across the UK, ensuring that they benefit from every available Capital Allowance, maximising their investments and tax savings.