Commercial Kitchen Facility in Nottingham

A Commercial Kitchen Facility was purchased for Β£360,000 in 2022. Our team conducted a comprehensive review of the property and discovered Β£115,200 in unclaimed Capital Allowances.

Capital Allowance claim for an innovative Commercial Kitchen in Nottingham.

The Property

In 2022, a business owner approached HMA Tax with plans for a contemporary commercial kitchen facility in Nottingham. The property, purchased for Β£360,000, prompted the need to ensure optimal Capital Allowances were identified and claimed.

Fit Outs & Refurbishments:

The hospitality facility’s strategic upgrades presented a distinctive opportunity to capitalise on Capital Allowances. By claiming allowances on the investment in kitchen equipment, specialised hospitality facilities, and technology, the owner benefitted from substantial tax relief.

Annual Investment Allowances (AIAs)

Our experts at HMA Tax navigated the intricacies of Annual Investment Allowances (AIAs) to ensure the client fully harnessed the available tax relief. By optimising the claim process and considering the property’s eligibility for AIAs, we successfully identified Β£115,200 in unclaimed Capital Allowances.

Our Approach

Our team conducted a review of the property’s purchase details and associated costs. Despite initial assertions by the owner’s accountant that all allowances had been claimed, our in-depth analysis revealed a substantial portion of unclaimed Capital Allowances.

Identifying Β£115,200 in unclaimed allowances (32% of the purchase price), our team compiled a detailed report outlining eligible assets and their corresponding values. Collaborating closely with the owner’s financial advisors, we facilitated the seamless integration of our findings into their overall tax strategy.

Through our tailored approach, the commercial kitchen facility owner realised a substantial tax saving of over Β£23,000, unlocking the full potential of their investment.