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James Telling, Head of Development and Acquisitions – 7th June

After a week dominated by alarmist media coverage, finance reporters are still in frenzy over the fears of rising prices, with inflation expected to reach the highest levels in a decade.

Interestingly, for those who own real assets such as commercial property, periods of inflation come with the opportunity for businesses to revalue their holdings, determine taxable income and understand where efficiencies may lie.

Whilst there are many macro and microeconomic forces at play, generally real assets, such as commercial property, are one of the big winners during periods of inflation. This is due to property prices increasing in value.

Whilst increased property prices do little to increase business cashflow in the short term, unless you planning on increasing rents or selling your commercial property, something that we recommend to all our commercial property clients is an embedded capital allowance claim, and they can be complete in as little as 6 weeks.

Whilst your accountant may be skilled at claiming invoices on capital expenditure such as office furniture or business assets, embedded capital allowance claims require an expert knowledge of commercial property and the 2001 Capital Allowance Act. By applying our specialist knowledge, HMA Tax can identify embedded items such as plant and machinery items and features like office fit outs and utilities which will improve your tax position through thousands of pounds of tax relief.

This specific area of tax requires input from both tax specialists with a detailed knowledge of the legislation and expert surveyors to identify items applicable to your claim.

As award winning experts, HMA Tax utilise a specialist team and bespoke in-house digital systems to streamline the claims process and guarantee that our clients receive the thousands of pounds of tax relief they are entitled to.

Earlier this month a Birmingham based corporation had a pleasant surprise as they have been able to claim over a million pounds in capital allowances across their commercial property portfolio, at a time when the sector has been experiencing one of its toughest 12 months on record.

Embedded capital allowance claims are a risk-free exercise that produced fantastic results for our client. Our 100% success rate of claims accepted by HMRC means that HMA Tax holds a flawless track record for consistently providing our clients with the best possible service.

If you own a commercial property and would like to find out more how your business could improve their tax situation, please call James Telling, Head of Development and Acquisitions on 01384 904090 or email for more information.