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As the UK’s leading Capital Allowance specialist, HMA Tax has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining CPD trainer accreditation from the CPD Group. This accreditation underscores our commitment to providing excellent service and training for client and partners, and helps to solidify our position as the UK’s leading Capital Allowance specialists.

With a proven track record of delivering award-winning services, this recognition further showcases our dedication to innovation, knowledge, and continuous professional development for our team.

Securing CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation required an in-depth assessment of our internal procedures and training, ensuring it meets the standards expected by professionals across various industries.

For our team, obtaining this accreditation further validates our expertise in Capital Allowances. It reflects our thorough understanding of the [Capital Allowances Act 2001]( Allowances give taxpayers relief,that on plant and machinery.) and our ability to convey this knowledge effectively to others. Our success in this area is built on a foundation of years of experience, 7,000+ approved Capital Allowance claims with HMRC and a deep commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.

As a CPD-accredited trainer, we are now in an even stronger position to share this knowledge with a broader audience. This includes offering training sessions that can be recognised for their contribution to professional development within the finance, legal and property sectors.

For commercial property owners and industry professionals, our enhanced standards means theres further confidence in our ability to deliver precise and up-to-date guidance on Capital Allowances, providing them with a clear financial advantage in their investments and operations.

To find out more about Capital Allowances, HMA Tax, or CPD opportunities, contact our team at 01384 904090 or email

We look forward to working with you.