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COVID-19, lockdowns, travel restrictions or quarantine periods are placing significant stress on commercial property owner and business cash flow.

Whilst businesses are facing unprecedented disruptions and uncertainty, HMA Tax can provide your business with substantial tax relief through identifying embedded capital allowances within your commercial properties.

Over the past few months, weโ€™ve been working hard to help more of our clients across the UK, and we will continue to work with businesses and HMRC to support ongoing and new clientโ€™s efforts to receive significant tax relief, when they need it most.

As the winter lockdown continues, if your business has been adversely impacted, HMA Tax may be able to assist you in claiming substantial tax relief through identifying embedded capital allowances held within your commercial properties.

On average, we identify 26.5% of the commercial property purchase price in allowances, providing significant relief for businesses and stimulus to cashflow. Embedded Capital Allowance Claims are submitted directly to HMRC for their review and approval before tax relief or refunds are paid.

We have again adapted our operations to minimise social engagements and we will continue to follow Government guidance around lockdown measures, and will deliver the safest possible service to our clients.

Whilst on-site, our staff will continue to uphold the highest safety measures. This includes:

  • Disinfecting frequently used items (tablets, pens, clipboards) between every use.
  • Surveyors maintaining a 2-metre safe distance from others
  • Eliminating/minimising physical contact when identifying items and features within properties.
  • Providing hand sanitiser to all of our surveying staff and continuing to uphold the highest standards of hygiene.
  • Updating all staff with the most up to date NHS and Public Health England guidelines.

We know that lockdowns and travel restrictions have significantly impacted many of our clientโ€™s businesses. Whilst facing these unprecedented disruptions, we will continue to provide businesses with relief and stimulus through identifying substantial tax relief.

If you would like to find out more, call our head office on 01384 904090. Alternatively, you can estimate your tax refund using our free estimation tool.