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James Telling, Head of Development and Acquisitions – 8th July 2021

BIRMINGHAM: A recently engaged commercial property fund has started their 6-week journey into claiming thousands of pounds in tax relief, with the help HMA Tax.

HMA Tax has gained a renewed presence in Birmingham, with the opening of a new headquarters which is serving as the epicentre for HMA Tax’s UK and European operations. For this Birmingham based property fund, the timing has been perfect, as it has allowed our tax specialists to quickly determined that a significant claim could be made for their properties across the UK.

With a short visit to Colmore Row and a desktop assessment of the properties in question, HMA Tax discovered that the fund was only a few weeks away from years of ongoing of tax relief and a significant tax rebate to boot.

Andy Milnes, Senior Claims Specialist, explains:

β€œOne of the strangest aspects of this subject, is that whilst the commercial property a business or individual owns is quite likely their most valuable asset, they are rarely aware of the opportunity for tax relief that comes with it.

In the case of commercial property, you need a specialised team to determine the qualifying items embedded in the property, knowledge of the relevant statutory HMRC formula and an understanding of the complex tax rules associated with these types of claims. All of this experience is applied to an embedded capital allowance claim.”

For many commercial property groups and larger funds, their in-house teams are highly skilled and equiped to manage multiple, significant cash producing investments. However, in many cases, we are finding that this often means that capital allowance are neglected due to an either a lack of understanding or preference to allocate resources into perceived higher yielding exercises.

By applying our specialist knowledge, our team can identify embedded items within your existing portfolio and produce significant claims. This is a risk free exercise that is guaranteed to improve your overall tax position through ongoing tax relief, and often, a sizeable initial tax rebate.

It is well worth any commercial property owner getting in touch with HMA Tax so that they don’t miss out on the significant tax relief that is available.

If you or your team Interested in finding out more about capital allowance claims, estimate your claim below or get in touch with HMA Tax on 01384 904090.