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Care home owners are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that their commercial properties are holding thousands of pounds in unclaimed tax relief in the form of Embedded Capital Allowances.

Care home owners are able to claim this significant tax relief on items that are considered to be part of the property, such as air conditioning, heating systems, boilers, kitchen and toilet fittings, security systems and more.

Whilst this isn’t news for some, many commercial property owners are still missing out on this highly sought-after tax relief. This is often due to a false belief that their accountant has claimed the allowances on their behalf.

Own a carehome?

Claim 35% of the original purchase value in previously unclaimed capital allowances

To identify, value and claim items embedded within a care home or aged care facility, a qualified professional requires the following;

a) Significant expertise in commercial property surveying. This includes understanding building and construction methodologies as well as UK industry standards and specialist knowledge of items likely hidden or missed within a carehome claim.

b) An understanding of how to implement the statutory formulas that HMRC consider the value of an embedded item within the property; and

c) Detailed comprehension of the UK’s complex tax guidelines, specific to commercial property ownership and compliant claiming of Embedded Capital Allowances.

These three requirements are needed for a successful Embedded Capital Allowance claim, which the award-winning team at HMA Tax are all too familiar with.

Andy Milnes, Senior Claims Specialist, has been working with property owners to claim care home Capital Allowances for 10 years, identifying millions of pounds for our clients and provided his insights on the topic:

β€œWhilst a commercial property and it’s embedded items are likely to be the most valuable asset for a business, in the case for a care home it is often the least known or least acted upon incentive for ongoing relief and tax rebates”

It’s important care home Capital Allowances are claimed, as the opportunity for tax relief is quite significant at approximately 35% of the property’s purchase price.”

As a recognised supplier for the National Care Association, HMA Tax provides our award-winning service across the care home sector, providing significant tax relief and rebates for the owners and operators.

We only charge fees on the allowances identified, meaning our claims are risk-free exercises. Combined with our flawless success rate from HMRC and you can see why HMA Tax continues to lead the market.

To find out how much you could receive, visit our care homes page and estimate your claim or get in touch with Andy Milnes.

If you own a commercial property and would like to find out more about how your business could improve its tax situation, please call Andy Milnes, Senior Claims Specialist on 01384 904090 or email for more information.

HMA Tax is a recognised supplier of the National Care Association, this is a testament to our service across the care sector and the benefit we can produce for owners and operators.