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Embedded Capital Allowance claims can provide commercial property owners with up to half of their property cost in valuable tax relief, but what are they and how do they work?

You may be unaware that embedded items, inherent to your commercial property, can be worth thousands of pounds in tax relief. Embedded Capital Allowances may seem confusing and intricate but in reality, with the right expert they are simple, straightforward and stress-free.

Introduced by HMRC as an incentive to encourage commercial property owners to reinvest into their businesses, Capital Allowances were established as a form of tax relief.

Despite this, many commercial property owners are unaware they are sitting on significant and untapped tax relief. Indeed, it is estimated that nearly 80% of these property owners have not claimedΒ­.

These underutilised claims could be of substantial value to you and your property.

Whilst your accountant may be skilled at claiming for invoiced capital expenditure such as office furniture or computers, Embedded Capital Allowance claims require an expert knowledge of the area. This specific area of tax requires additional input from both tax specialists with a detailed knowledge of the legislation and expert surveyors to identify items applicable to your claim.

As award winning experts who excel in the field, HMA Tax are utilising our specialist team to streamline the claims process and guarantee that clients, like you, receive the thousands of pounds of tax relief they are entitled to. By applying our specialist knowledge, we can identify these embedded items of plant and machinery as well as features such as the air conditioning and plumbing, which are essential to a claim.

Whilst Embedded Capital Allowances are a complex subject, it is unnecessary for you to miss out on these substantial tax refunds due to a lack of knowledge or time restraints.

HMA Tax ensures convenience for our clients, simply needing basic details of your property. Β­

With our 100% approval rate from HMRC, we successfully submit thousands of Capital Allowance claims. Our focus is on consistently and reliably assisting commercial property owners to receive the benefits of these claims.

To start the process today get in touch with one of our experts to arrange a free consultation.