Pharmacy in Stoke

A pharmacy was purchased for Β£275,900 in 2020. Our team conducted a review of the property and discovered Β£55,180 in unclaimed Capital Allowances.

Capital Allowance claim for a Pharmacy in Stoke

The Property

In 2020, the owner of a pharmacy in Stoke approached HMA Tax to explore the unused potential within their property after recent renovations. Acquired for Β£275,900, the pharmacy played a pivotal role in providing essential healthcare services to the local community. Despite previous claims by their accountant, uncertainties persisted about the full application of available Capital Allowances.

Fit Outs & Refurbishments:

The pharmaceutical facility’s strategic upgrades presented the perfect opportunity to capitalise on Capital Allowances. By claiming allowances on the investment in medical and retail equipment, specialised facilities, and technology, the owner benefitted from substantial tax relief.

Our Approach

Our tax advisors recognised the potential for significant savings in eligible assets and began identifying unclaimed Capital Allowances within the pharmacy’s property.

A detailed review uncovered Β£55,180 in unclaimed allowances, encompassing essential pharmacy fixtures, medical equipment, and other qualifying assets. This translated to a substantial tax saving of over Β£11,000.

Our team worked closely with the owner’s accountants to ensure the tax savings were maximised and supported them through the process of liaising with HMRC. Beyond financial gains, the pharmacy reinforced its commitment to community well-being by reinvesting the savings into enhanced services and patient care.