Childcare Facility in Manchester

A childcare facility was purchased in Manchester for Β£595,000 in 2020. HMA Tax conducted a meticulous assessment of the property and unveiled Β£208,250 in unclaimed Capital Allowances.

Capital Allowance claim for a nurturing childcare facility in Manchester

The Property

A childcare provider approached HMA Tax in 2021 with a facility in Manchester. They had acquired the property for Β£595,000 in 2020, transforming it into a nurturing environment for children.

Having invested in refurbishments to create a warm and engaging space, the owner consulted with their accountant and claimed the costs. However, they were uncertain if all the Capital Allowances had been explored.

Our Approach

HMA Tax took on the responsibility of uncovering any unclaimed Capital Allowances available to the childcare provider. We executed a comprehensive review of the expenses incurred during the renovation process, discovering that a substantial part of the capital allowances had been overlooked.

Utilising our profound understanding of Capital Allowances, we identified Β£208,250 of unclaimed capital allowances, available to the owner. We composed a comprehensive report, highlighting our findings, which encompassed a catalogue of assets qualifying for capital allowances, and the associated values to be claimed.

Once we pinpointed the unclaimed capital allowances, we collaborated seamlessly with the owner’s accountants to guarantee that the tax savings were fully capitalised upon. Our team’s assistance extended throughout the process, from the preparation of essential documents to interfacing with HMRC to clinch the tax savings.

Thanks to the prowess and dedication of HMA Tax, the childcare provider was able to obtain significant tax savings through the recognised capital allowances. The owner was eligible to claim Β£208,250 in unclaimed capital allowances, resulting in a tax saving of over Β£40,000.

The success of this project affirms HMA Tax’s commitment to excellence, providing tailored solutions that assist commercial property owners throughout the UK in maximising their investments and achieving noteworthy tax savings.