Bed and Breakfast in the Cotswolds

A bed and breakfast accommodation was purchased for Β£900,000 in 2021. Our team conducted a review of the property and discovered Β£360,000 in unclaimed Capital Allowances.

Capital Allowance claim for a Bed and Breakfast in the Cotswolds

The Property

In 2021, the owner of a bed and breakfast in the Cotswolds sought HMA Tax’s expertise to uncover potential tax benefits within their property. Acquired for Β£900,000, the bed and breakfast played a central role in providing a peaceful and welcoming retreat for guests exploring the scenic beauty of the Cotswold region.

Our Approach

Acknowledging the unique assets associated with hospitality, our experienced tax advisors conducted a detailed review of the property’s capital expenditures.

The analysis revealed Β£360,000 in unclaimed allowances, precisely 40% of the purchase price. These allowances covered essential fixtures for guest comfort, hospitality equipment, and other qualifying assets. Collaborating with the bed and breakfast’s management and accountants, we ensured a smooth integration of these allowances into their financial strategy.

Thanks to HMA Tax’s expertise, the bed and breakfast owner successfully claimed Β£360,000 in unclaimed Capital Allowances. This translated to a substantial tax saving of Β£72,000, providing a significant financial boost for the property. The savings will be directed towards enhancing guest experiences, maintaining the property’s charm, and ensuring a memorable stay for visitors.